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Friday, Dec 1, 2017 8:00a to 8:40a
Mindfulness Meditation for Kids-Before School Class (12/1): 

Mindfulness Meditation for Kids (Before School Class)

Dates: Fridays, December 1-22

Time: 8:00-8:40am

Who:  Grades 2-4

Fee:     $75 (4 Wks)

Location: Brick Building, 97 School Street 

Teaching mindfulness for stress management and heartfulness for nurturing a positive mindset. Practicing kindness and compassion towards self and others. Fundamental lessons for fostering social and emotional IQ while learning the skills of self-regulation.


Thursday, Dec 7, 2017 3:15p to 5:30p
Expert Architects (12/7): 

Expert Architects
Dates:  Thursdays, December 7-21
Time:  3:15-5:30pm
Who:   Grades 2-5
Fee:    $135 (3 Wks)
Location: Brick Building, 97 School Street
Instructor: Right Brain Curriculum

The sky is the limit in Expert Architects! In this math, writing and presentation class, our students find out on the first day of class that they are the heads of the city's newest architectural firm. They are commissioned with building the tallest building in a nearby city and must plan their design. Students learn a kid-friendly history of skyscrapers and create a blueprint of their own stylized tall building. They then must weigh other considerations including environmental effects, traffic and surrounding buildings using Google Earth to find the perfect location for their project. Once their blueprint is finished, our expert architects create a three-dimensional model of the structure and deliver a presentation to their "clients" highlighting all aspects of their creation. See a full curriculum preview:     Instructor will meet the children after school and walk safely to the Brick Building on school campus.

Sunday, Dec 10, 2017 12:00p to 5:00p
The Lego Civics Project: The Auto City (12/10): 

The Lego Civics Project: The Auto City

Date:   Sunday, December 10

Time: 12:00-5:00pm

Who:   Grades 2-5

Fee:     $75

Location: Brick Building, 97 School Street

Instructor: Right Brain Curriculum

As students work to create their Lego City, they focus particularly on the role of cars in the modern urban environment. Students learn about the history of automobiles as they create both Lego buildings and the Lego cars that will fill the city streets. They learn about the automobile's relationship to the environment and consider electric cars, car pool lanes and speed limits as they debate car-related laws. Students must decide on the types of roads and highways they will create for their city balancing efficiency, traffic, bikes and pedestrians. They will learn about bridges, ferries and tunnels as they debate the best way to span the river that divides two sections of their city. A fun and engaging way to learn about technology, the environment and politics! See a full curriculum preview!

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017 3:15p to 4:15p
Canvas Palooza (12/12): 

Canvas Palooza

Dates:  Tuesday, December 12

Time:  3:15pm-4:15

Who:   Grades K-5

Fee:     $25

Location: Brick Building, 97 School Street

Instructor: Tricia Langeleh, Magic Brush Pottery

Join us for a Canvas Painting Class.  Our instructor will go through step by step for each painting.   Choose one day or come to both. You will be able to bring home your creation.  Please bring a snack to enjoy in the middle of class.   Please bring or wear a shirt you can get paint on as this paint will not come out of your clothing. All supplies included, apron, brushes, 11x14 canvas, and easels. 

Wednesday, Dec 13, 2017 9:00a to 3:00p
All Day Pottery Fun (12/13): 

All Day Pottery Fun (No School Day)

Dates:  Wednesday, December 13

Time:  9:00am-3:00pm

Who:   Grades K-5

Fee:     $75

Location: Brick Building, 97 School Street

Instructor: Tricia Langeleh, Magic Brush Pottery

Kids will be taught step-by-step painting instructions with several different mediums. There will be one ready-made pottery project, one canvas, and one glass project. Pottery and glass will be functional, such as a mug, a bowl, or a vase (pieces will vary). Please have the kids bring a shirt they can get paint on as we will be using acrylic paints on the canvas. Art Pieces will be returned to the Carlisle Rec Office within 2 weeks after class. All materials included.

Thursday, Dec 14, 2017 4:15p to 6:00p
Home Alone (12/14): 

Home Alone

Dates:  Thursday, December 14

Time:  4:15pm-6:00pm

Who:   Ages 8-13

Fee:     $28

Location: Brick Building, 97 School Street

Instructor: Janet Cullinane

Does your child know what to do in an emergency or if a stranger comes to the door? The American Red Cross has developed a Home Alone program designed to teach children simple rules and procedures for responsible self-care. The class will work in program books and have a discussion concerning these important issues. Participants will receive a certificate of completion.